ALTVEST 2018 Keynote Speaker – Ramesh Loganathan

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The Hyderabad Startup Circles resonate with Ramesh Loganathan. Ramesh is currently Professor Co-Innovation and Research/Innovation outreach head at IIIT-Hyderabad and innovation ecosystem champion.

An alumni of the prestigious National University of Singapore, Ramesh had played a key role in role in rejuvenating the IT sector and start-ups in Hyderabad. Before joining IIIT, he had served various positions like Chair, ACM, Hyderabad chapter and MD and VP (products) at Progress Software and VP Middleware Technologies at Pramati Technologies, Hyderabad.

Ramesh is an accomplished technologist, with more than 20 years experience in product engineering and R&D leadership experience. He is also a regular speaker at major tech workshops and seminars in India. He has recently co-authored a book titled ‘SOA approach to integration’. Ramesh is also a recognized TEDx Speaker.

Ramesh was recently honored by ‎‎Minister for IT K T Rama Rao for his overall contribution towards start-ups in Telangana.

For the ALTVEST 2018 Event, Ramesh would be talking about “Startups innovating to transform government/citizen services”.

Government & citizen services inherently have a very federated nature, with many players involved,. Service providers, consumers, citizens, regulators, government departments and more. Needing a clear sense of identity- who is involved in what role in a transaction. Needing clear non-repudiation of any actions performed- to ensure no one can deny having performed or received any services. Needing a neutral record of all activities- with no single point of failure nor any collation of players to deprive anyone of their rightful benefit. Needing tamper-proof storage of the information on the transactions and other underlying records. Needing simpler mechanisms to dole out social benefits beyond the earlier approach of paying hard cash, and maybe even better than present DBT based transfers. The blockchain is a technology that is rapidly emerging as a fantastic option that can enable all of above in one shot. No wonder that governments are actively exploring Blockchain technologies. From Land records to Road transport authority operations to even benefit transfers. Some are even experimenting with citizen opinions, prioritization of public spending and even elections. And given how new the Blockchain technology is, much of the innovation is right now coming from startups. This session at the Altvest event will look at some of the case studies from startup solutions being piloted at various government bodies.

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