Bitpaction – Lighter and Easier Crypto Exchange

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Bitpaction aims to create a world’s leading digital exchange and to achieve it step by step. They have assembled TradingView- the most professional chart tool in the world. Traders can use the website or mobile web to trade on multi-platform easily. Through Websocket basic protocol, Bitpaction provides highly liquid orders for excellent trading pairs in the market. Multilayer account system will provide a unique trading scheme for each user from beginner to professional trader, ensure the safety of users’ assets and data through stable and practical platform technology.

Sonny Cheung

Sonny Cheung, CEO holds a Masters degree in economics from Liverpool University in Britain, internet entrepreneur, built an electronic commerce and investment company for art ware investment and electronic trading in Europe and Africa. Engaged in the field of digital currencies at the year 2013, long-term investor project based blockchain technology as LTX, XRP.

In a breaking news, Bitpaction announced today that they are listing RETN Coin on 14th April 2018. The Singapore based exchange is on its way to create a reputation for itself by following very strict scrutiny of new coin listings. Although a new exchange, Bitpaction has rapidly gained significant trust from Traders worldwide.

Prior to listing RETN, Bitpaction has planned a very attractive incentive to attract new traders and investors to their platform. Bitpaction is a silver sponsor of ALTVEST 2018 and has a significant intent and marketing plan to serve Indian Investors as well.

Keeping its promise to investors, RETN has already burned 300 Million Tokens even while its Crowdsale is currently live. Based on confirmed sources from Retainly Inc., a minor programming mistake during their first smart contract creation has resulted in 2 contracts with 150 million tokens each to get locked. Our discussions with Retainly CEO, Palash Bagchi, resulted in the fact-finding that these 300 million RETN Tokens can never be unlocked, and which is as good to consider it out of total supply. On the brighter side, RETN will now have just 400 Million tokens in circulation which is extremely good to maintain the growth of the coin.

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  1. I think the reduced supply of RETN will benefit investors over the long run, as a lower supply means that each utility token has greater value, all other things equal. I am glad to hear of this substantial reduction in supply.

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